The Twins FX are the leading company operating in the field of theatrical special effects, illusions and animatronics. The Twins FX offer a personal, revolutionary and innovative service with engineering expertise and an unrivalled dedication to excellence. We deliver exceptional effects and turn your ideas into reality. Drawing on our wealth of experience and knowledge, we produce amazing tailor-made special effects that create intimate and powerful entertainment experiences.      
Our portfolio includes soaring airborne flying dragons, a mighty 8m tall gorilla, slithering sea monsters, a hovering helicopter, monster sharks, Santa’s flying sleigh with a set of reindeer, a life size T-Rex, the world’s largest pantomime giant, 2 mega crocodiles, floating magic carpets, flying cars, a full size galleon, 3 sets of animatronic flying horses pulling Cinderella’s sparkling crystal coaches, 2 ginormous rats, a colossal dragon and a pink moped that flies and loops the loop in mid air...

Meet The team

Gary - special effects consultant


Gary oversees all the projects. He has a vast amount of experience in project management and has one of the largest collections of original movie and TV props from around the world!

Paul special effects consultant


Paul is the Creative Director. Paul is a big Doctor Who Fan and a large collection of Doctor Who props including Daleks, so when the BBC approached TwinsFX to work on Doctor Who Live, Paul was in his element! Paul is proud to be a firefighter as well!

Posh Dave - special effects expert


Posh with his unique character is a wiz with the calendar and plans and organises our panto season. He also is there at production weeks with his own eccentric style, and loves to go Back to the Future…

JOANNA A.K.A DOROTHY - special effects consultants PA


Dorothy loves dates, she tries to organize Gary and Paul but its a thankless task. You never see Dorothy with out her i-pad with the screen displaying TheTwinsFX’s iCal!

We make the impossible possible for theatre productions, television adverts, music promos, corporate projects, film and television.

our Portfolio

Back to the future
Sleigh Upgraded
The Reindeer & Sleigh
The Croc
Flying Without Wires

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