Flying Without Wires

This is our truly unique, highly acclaimed flying without wires system. The performer flies around the stage and out over the audience, with no physical means of support.

The performer can fly with or without a platform i.e. a magic carpet, Chopper bike, surf board, Motorbike, making this an amazing and stunning effect.

We also fly objects, from a DALEK from BBC’s Doctor Who Live, to a Dragon or a Sea monster. The list goes on and on.

“a magic carpet special effect that has to be seen to be believed and even then you don't believe it”

“Stunning appearance.... one Dalek thrillingly takes to the air!”
The Mail

“And then, just when you thought it couldn’t get more exciting, a Dalek flew above the heads of the audience. The younger contingent was beside itself. So were we.”
The Express

“How on earth did they do that?!’ Kudos to the visual special effects team at The Twins FX for creating some superb, unforgettable moments”

“the other star tonight is the special effects. From an enormous moving cobra to a flying carpet, this is polished, spectacular theatre designed to set the senses alight”
The Stage

“Daleks? One of them, even, yes, elevates – magically – for the whizz-bang denouement!”
The Telegraph


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