We have an extraordinary collection of magic and illusions props for hire and can raise your show, corporate event, film, television and pantomime production to another level. We are the team for you with over 10,000 square feet of warehouse space crammed full of magic and illusion props for hire.
THE TWINS FX - Special Effects for Hire
Magic and Illusion

Magic and Illusion
  • Desperate to levitate your chairman over the heads of a gasping audience at your press launch?
  • Need a four-metre tall, animatronic fire breathing dragon to fly over your clients?
  • Want your show’s presenter to saw a celebrity in half on live television?
  • Want your touring boy/girl band to explode magically onto the stage from nowhere, or disappear into thin air at the interval?
  • Fancy a set that blows apart as your presenter emerges from the flames?
  • Want to fly like a bird without the aid of wires, LIVE?
  • Need a convincing ‘dead’ corpse for your stage, film or television production?
  • Want 20 cast members to disappear in an instant, leaving an empty stage?
  • Need something special, but just not sure what?
The only limits are our imagination. We are passionate about providing original effects and would love to discuss your ideas with you.
Magic and Illusion Special Effects for Hire


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