Meet the Team

Gary - special effects consultant


Gary oversees all the projects. He has a vast amount of experience in project management and has one of the largest collections of original movie and TV props from around the world!

Paul - special effects consultant


Paul is the Creative Director. Paul is a big Dr Who Fan and owns some original Dr Who props including several Daleks, so when the BBC approached thetwinsfx to work on DR Who Live, Paul was in his element!

Norman - special effects handyman


Norman is a handy man to have around any work shop. If anything is broken he can fix it!

CHRIS and STEVE - special effects project managers


Chris and Steve are our engineers and project managers. They put up with our seemly impossible requests but with an endless supply of tea, coffee and bacon and egg rolls the impossible becomes possible!

Posh Dave - special effects expert


Dave operates and works on our animatronics, creatures and effects!

SNAKEY - special effects carpenter


What can we say about Snakey? Not much! But he's a great carpenter and follows union rules by always having a cup of tea in his hand!

JOANNA A.K.A DOROTHY - special effects consultants PA


Dorothy loves dates, she tries to organize Gary and Paul but its a thankless task. You never see Dorothy with out her i-pad with the screen displaying TheTwinsFX’s iCal!

Fireman Sam - a talented member of our special effects team


Paul's nickname is "Fireman Sam" and he's a great asset to The Twins FX. He is a very talented man including being part of the famous 1960's band the Four Leaf Clovers. He will sign his album covers...

STINGRAY STEVE - illusion designer


Steve is one of our design engineers and is one the world’s leading expert in Doctor Who Davros, he will bore you senseless...

JAMIE - illusion designer


Jamie has just come from the BBC’s Art department working on such show as Crimson Field and Atlantis. His cake baking skills are unbelievable...

Jenny - Twins FX Accountant


Jenny is the accounts administrator or as she likes to be be call, the Accounts boss! So don’t mess with her, you have been warned.

THE AMAZING GAVIN - illusion designer


The amazing Gavin is a jack of all trades but master of none, but he’s all round good guy. Gavin does not drink Tea or Coffee, which is just wrong and a bit strange...

Bob - special effects photographer and illusion designer


After spending many years as a press photographer on Fleet street, Bob is always ready to help in a "FLASH"!

Sue - illusion props buyer


Sue is one of our buyers, she great at sniffing out a bargain! Also the biscuits….


All round good guys and girls, new to the business and are very keen. Not very good at getting up in the morning but put on a great party.....

THE STUDENTS - trainee illusion designers
The Twins FX Team - Special Effects Consultants


Tel: 01929 556400

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TwinsFX, Unit 5, St Patricks Industrial Estate, Station Road, Shillingstone, Blandford, Dorset, DT11 0SA

TwinsFX, 20-21 Sandford Lane, Sandford Lane Industrial Estate, Wareham, Dorset BH20 4DY

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