“We want an incredible grand finale. We want to blow up, burn, atomize a NASA operations desk and its operator with our Martian fighting machine’s heat-ray! Nothing should be left standing on stage, could you do that?”

Of course we could, and we did. Indeed the show climaxed with this amazing effect as well as with other illusions never attempted in arenas before! This included the heavenly levitation of Liz McClarnon and Kerry Ellis who both played Beth, Parson Nathaniel's wife!

Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds tours major arenas around the world.

“The Twins helped the Martians to incinerate a cast member in front of the audience's eyes, using their deadly Heat Ray - and all within Health and Safety regulations!!”
Damian Collier, Top Drawer Tours Limited/The War of The Worlds - Alive on Stage!

“Truly an incredible grand finale, fabulous”
The Times

“Dazzling...I felt a shiver of excitement”
Daily Telegraph

“Simply Epic!”
The Sun

“The techno-wizardry reaches new heights, literally, with an incredible apparent levitation of McClarnon and the show signs off in explosive fashion with an incineration which left the full house gasping”

Photographer: Roy Smiljanic
Copyright: Top Drawer Tours Limited/The War of The Worlds - Alive on Stage!


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