“Qdos Entertainment is the largest producer of pantomimes in the world. The company’s success relies on spellbinding illusions and special effects for its pantomimes, theatre and cruise ship productions.

So who did they call?....... Our team at The Twins FX! With artistry and imagination we have created some mind boggling effects such as a flying car, a four-metre tall fire-breathing dragon which soars over the audience, a Colossus sea monster, and a giant spider that creeps across the stage. We have even made Orville the Duck’s wishes come true – finally, he can fly!

We continue to work alongside Qdos Entertainment to bring amazing bespoke special effects for their pantomimes, theatre and cruise ship productions.

“We are very excited to be working again with The Twins FX. Their ability to create bespoke show-stopping special effects and magical illusions makes them key to the creation of breath-taking, magical moments across all of Qdos Pantomimes – simply amazing!”
Mark Sherwood, Production Director for Qdos Pantomimes

ALADDIN SECC, GLAGOW. "John Barrowman flew magically outwards from the stage at the SECC and over the heads of the captivated audience –– it was impossible"

"The Twins FX are not only creative, resourceful and imaginative, but also highly organised and dedicated to each and every project they work on"
Jon Conway, Jon Conway Productions

ROBIN HOOD, THEATRE ROYAL, NEWCASTLE. "A fire-breathing dragon and special effects - creating a true spectacle and a delight for all ages"
The Stage



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