“We need an amazing moment for the end of the show, one never seen before. We need it to strike an emotional chord with the audience and.......... we need you to train the whole cast in ‘Fun Fair’ crafty cons so they can perform them on stage every night!”

As you wish....... our team at The Twins FX created the perfect finale - a flying bike and rider which roars high over the audience in the West End production of All the Fun of the Fair. The show, starring David Essex is a roller-coaster ride of a musical, underscored by a helter-skelter of David Essex hits and album favourites. All the Fun of the Fair is now on its second UK Tour and we are heavily involved once again!

“Exciting finale, which sees Jack seemingly ride full throttle over the audience’s head”

“A triumph, this certainly fits the bill”
The Evening Standard

“Enjoyable production.....All the Fun of the Fair is well worth a spin.”
The Daily Telegraph


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